Sunday, September 4, 2016

Swim the Canal, Loutraki - 27th September 2016

Hotel Segas is inviting you all to Loutraki to a unique event. For the 1st time ever, since its construction in 1893, swimmers are invited to "Swim the Canal".

Participation entitlement
For someone to participate to the 6km swimming race "SWIM ACROSS CORINTH CANAL", which will be held on September 27, 2016 at the Corinth Canal (Isthmus), should:

Be over 13 years old.
Have completed enrollment in the special form (Participation form) of this site and sent it until September 15, 2016. Also he should complete and sign the solemn declaration and provide a medical declaration. For juvenile athletes, a solemn declaration by the parents or guardians, signed medical declaration or photocopy of the countersigned swimming card for the year 2016 are required.
Have stated the time and distance for the classification in groups.
Have paid the exact participation fee to the bank account of the event no later than three (3) days after the submission of the participation form.
Have read and fully accept all of the race regulations.

The canal cuts at straight line the Corinth Canal in length 6.346m. The width of the sea surface is 24.6 m., and the bottom is 21.3 m., while the depth ranges between 7 and 8 meters. The total volume of soil that was extracted for the construction reached 12 million cubic meters.

Since the opening of the canal, it remained closed for four years due to huge landslides and the period from 1944 to 1949 when the German occupiers during their retreat blew up the railway bridge, causing large land depression. The restoration work lasted five years.

Today the Corinth Canal is an international marine transportation hub and serves annually around 12,000 ships of all nationalities.

Hotel Segas