Thursday, July 5, 2018

Read Dimitrios Buhalis Open Access Articles on tourism, destination, and cocreation

Read Dimitrios Buhalis Open Access Articles for free !

Rihova, I., Buhalis, D., Gouthro, M., Moital, M., 2018, Customer-to-customer co-creation practices in tourism: Lessons from Customer-Dominant logic, Tourism Management Vol.67, August 2018, pp.362-375

Williams, N., Inversini; A., Buhalis, D., Ferdinand, N., 2017 Destination eWOM drivers and characteristics, Annals of Tourism Research Vol.64 pp.87–101 

Tanti, A., Buhalis, D., 2017, The influences and consequences of being digitally connected and/or disconnected to travellers, Information Technology & Tourism, Vol.17(1), pp.121–141 

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